Who doesn’t use whatsapp? Ranging from celebrities to sportsmen, from politicians to a simple working man, pretty much everyone uses whatsapp. If you picked up a random guy’s phone, one thing you’d be sure of is that he would have whatsapp installed in his phone, because it seems whatsapp has become as essential to living as oxygen.

So if you have whatsapp in your phone, chances are that you use it on a regular basis. And if that indeed is the case, then chances are that you probably have a ton of chats, voice clips, pictures and videos, all of which are clogged up in your phone. Now one thing about whatsapp is that all of this downloading – whether it’s of videos, voice clips, pictures or anything, is done automatically. When you have a wifi connection, everything sent by one of your contacts to you will indeed be downloaded automatically. So while this can be handy at times, after all, who has the time to download every little picture one of your contact sends, however, this can also lead to a problem –you may find that your phone has less space than you’d like there to be.

So then the question arises, why don’t you back up? Well, many people are hesitant with regards to such a step. Since you have a ton of crap on your phone, doesn’t necessarily mean that you should have a ton of crap on your cloud, too, and then again, why would someone waste storage on their cloud?Luckily enough, there is a solution to this problem.

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For all the Android users who use Google drive, whatsapp will no longer be a problem. Just recently, Google and the parent company of whatsapp, Facebook have entered into an agreement to store whatsapp backups for free on Google drive. What this move basically means is that you can backup as much data as you want with regards to whatsapp, and this won’t at all affect your Google one storage bank.

So what next? Well, if you indeed have a backup on Google drive, then I would recommend you to do a manual refresh. This manual refresh needs to be done before the 30th of October. The new agreement placed between Google and Facebook isn’t in the works just as yet, as there is still a short period of time before the agreement will officially hold – the 12th of November to be exact. However, while the agreement will become official on the 12th, it is also true that many users will actually already have seen the benefits by then.


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