Bagallery Launches its Omnichannel Customer Service Solution

Bagallery Launches its Omnichannel Customer Service Solution

Traditional customer service is undergoing a revolutionary transformation. In this multi-channel age, it is no longer good enough for companies to provide great service on a single platform. Today’s customers want to engage in real conversations with real people in real-time. And they want that conversation to take place on the channel of their choice. Recently, Bagallery was facing challenges in managing the queries and complaints of multiple customers across multiple platforms. To enable a one-window solution, where all customer data, queries and channels are aggregated, Bagallery built an omnichannel customer service solution for its customers:

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This omnichannel customer care solution helps customers contact Bagallery on the following channels with quick turnaround time:

All Emails are responded to within 12hrs, live chat within 3 minutes and waiting time on calls is not more than 2 minutes.

Customer’s nowadays like conversational support rather than the traditional one-way communication and the launch of this solution by Bagallery will enable them to engage with customers in an unprecedented way – solve problems, answer queries & questions, and engage with customers on social media and live chat.


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