Baidu, a Chinese search giant has introduced a new gadget that will make you understand the Chinese language by translating it into English.

Yes, now the dream to get the Chinese language translated into English or English into Chinese will be brought into reality by the newly introduced gadget of Baidu and you will be not wrong to say that the translating technology of Star Trek and science fiction has become the part of the real world.

Baidu could manage to show off its pocket translator at MIT Technology Review’s EmTech Digital conference held in San Francisco this week.

This pocket translator can hear the spoken sentences to translate it for the users. Means that while you are an English speaker and the guy in front of you is speaking Chinese, the words spoken by the person in front of you will get translated by this gadget in the language you are comfortable with.

It has been long time that Baidu started to invest in artificial technology and has made significant strides in improving machine learning since the year 2015, by using deep learning.

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The demo of this pocket translator was given on stage where  Hua Wu, the company’s chief scientist, & Will Knight, senior editor MIT Technology Review held a conversation in their 1st languages while the gadget translated the spoken words in English or Chinese.

As the availability of the gadget is concerned, it is being said that the the gadget has been available since December last year and it can currently only be leased at travel agencies and airports in China where it can be used for English, Chinese and Japanese translations.

Baidu is on the way to expand the capability of this gadget to translate more languages and we are expecting it to come up with a language that we are native of, so that we could face our friends any where in the worked with better understanding of their languages.

Are you too anxious about this gadget to have your hands on? Well tell us below in the comments about your expectations with this device and your desire related to it.


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