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Breaking News, the bank hackers have been located to be in America

Well if your not aware yet, Pakistan was hit by a series of hackers who hacked in to the banking system of Pakistan and ended up cashing out millions of dollars out of the different banking organizations found in Pakistan. Well the supposed hackers have been located in the city of Boston, USA. The hackers have also been found of possessing nationalities of India which means that the hackers initially hailed from the country of India which will definitely upset people more considering the new development.

The hackers hacked these accounts and in turn got valuable information regarding the bank account and the person affected and hence ended up stealing a lot of money which belongs to the people of Pakistan. Furthermore they also gained information about people’s email accounts which they can also misuse at any point in time.

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On a daily basis thousands of email accounts are being affected and hacked making people feel very insecure. I mean emails are pretty important considering you use it to apply for almost every social media website as well financing websites such as the bank organization website which allows you to transfer money in and out. These emails are also required for online shopping and so much more. The worst part is everything is inter-linked with your email.

So the hackers have been found to use a fake name called Sunshine Sanchwani which is a fake name but after finding out the information regarding his sim details the real name of the hacker can very well be found. The hacker has supposedly used this number in the past +1 817-983-9622 which is now of great significance. It is reported that they are possessing over 8,000 accounts so it will be very helpful to the people of Pakistan if the people behind this can be brought to justice and the money lost can be retained in turn.


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