Bank immigration checks ‘nightmare’ warning from expert

Bank immigration checks 'nightmare' warning from expert
Bank immigration checks 'nightmare' warning from expert

Bank immigration checks ‘nightmare’ warning from expert Due to regulation of new accounts policy for immigrants in UK, a former board member of TSB has warned that Resolving mistakes made when new rules come into oblige to freeze or seal the bank accounts of illegal immigrants and it could be an “extreme nightmare”.

To check out the legality of account holders in the UK, Banks and building societies will carry out checks from January to see legal accounts.

MPs backed the move in 2016, however Philip Augar said mistakes would be made and “poor individuals” would go through from this situation.

According to the Home Office system was “fair” but “firm”.

A list of immigrants will be provided by anti-fraud organisation Cifas about people who are legally responsible for removal or deportation from the UK or who have escaped from immigration control financial institutions.

After that, organizations have to report every name they discover and if they freeze or close the accounts of relevant people in this regard.

70 million accounts will be examined at quarterly to ensure the immigration status of the holders, according to the Guardian.

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Mr Augar, who also got the experience to at the work Home Office, said it was rational for “law breakers to expect the full weight of enforcement”, but lifted concerns about how mistakes would be take in hand.

He speaks to BBC Radio 4’s programme: “This is in the hands of the Home Office and the banks, neither of which are exactly known for flawless execution.

“What happens when something goes wrong – if a bank account is frozen and the owner is entirely legal or if they’ve simply got the wrong name?

“Resolving those situations will be, in some cases, smoothly done, but I can imagine it being an absolute nightmare for some poor individuals.

“The problem is going to be multiple names will come up, the wrong names and bank accounts will be frozen, and it is how this is resolved, that will be the difficulty.” He added.

The verification process is the part of measures series in the Immigration Act 2016 with objective to encourage illegal immigrants to depart from the UK willingly.

We can trace the roots of this new law backed in 2014 when rules passed projected to check the immigration status of anyone opening a new bank or building society account.

On the other hand, the Home Office said it would just share details of those immigrants who were in the UK illegally.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd said, it would consist of those who had exhausted all appeal rights and who should be denied access to banking services.

However, criticism had been seen against this action by the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants who believed that migrants “with every right to be here” will be affected.

Satbir Singh Chief executive of Home Office sated,

 “The Government’s own record shows that it cannot be trusted even to implement this system properly.”

“Immigration status is very complex, and the Home Office consistently gives out incorrect information and guidance.” He added.

A spokesman from Home Office declared : “We are developing an immigration system which is fair to people who are here legally, but firm with those who break the rules.

“Everyone in society can play their part in tackling illegal migration.” He added.

The part of the plan also says that there would be a crackdown against landlords and employers if they intentionally offer a service to anybody who has no right to be in the UK.


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