It is expected that Samsung’s next generation foldable phone will in fact go official on the 5th of August – and this launch will take place with other devices such as the Galaxy Note 20 Plus as well as the Galaxy Z Flip. The speculation that surrounds itself with regards to the Fold 2 certainly goes on to suggest that there will be many improvements to look forward when compared with last year’s original Galaxy Fold. The details of both the outer as well as the inner displays have now been revealed, while the dual-part battery of the Fold 2 has also seemingly received approval from the 3C authority based in China. Indeed the listings suggest that the Galaxy Fold 2 will be arriving with a 4500mAh battery.

The original Galaxy Fold from last year arrived with a dual-part battery. One of these was rated as 2,135mAh, while the other was rated as 2,245mAh. Indeed the total size came in at 4,380mAh.

Galaxy Fold 2 battery

The two battery parts for the Galaxy Fold 2 have been outed as being 2,090mAh and 2,275mAh capacities. And so, the combined size for both these units within the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2 will actually be 4,365mAh.

Last year’s Galaxy Fold featured with a 7.3-inch main display as well as a cover display being 4.6 inches. The rumors  certainly make the claims that the Fold 2 will be arriving with larger displays – both on the inside as well as the outside. Indeed it is being said that the inner display will be 7.7-inch this time around, while the exterior screen will be a 6.23-inch one. It is also expected that both the displays will be featuring with the Infinity-O design. Also, the larger and main display is expected to arrive with the support of a 120Hz refresh rate.

Apart from the 512 gigs storage model, the Fold 2 is also expected to feature with a 256GB storage edition. It is unlikely though that the device will have support for the S Pen stylus.


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