As a result of the BCCI’s decision to play Asian Cup 2023 matches at neutral venues, Shahid Afridi, one of the former captains of the Pakistan cricket team, has responded to the decision of the BCCI.

Shahid Afridi, who was speaking to the media on Saturday, stated that when it comes to bilateral cricket, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has always taken the first step, and now it is time for the BCCI to reciprocate.

It is important that the BCCI does not arrive at any decision based on such a sudden decision. It is imperative that they speak to the chairman of the PCB at least once before making any decisions,” added the former captain of the team.

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In the same vein, Shahid Afridi noted that if the BCCI was not willing to sit down and discuss issues with the PCB, it would have an impact on the cricketing relations between the neighboring countries, even during the ICC event.

Having so much power and clout makes you become more responsible when you have so much power and influence. The best thing you can do is make friends, not enemies. He said, “Making more friends only makes you stronger and makes you a stronger person.”.

As he stated last week, it would be a great move for India and Pakistan if India sends its cricket team to Pakistan, as it will be a step towards the improvement of the sport on both sides.

There is no doubt that the time has come for neighboring countries to settle all their problems, since people across the border are looking for peace and better relationships, not wars and fights between them. This is what Shahid Afridi recently said.


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