Be Smart and Enjoy a Bundle of Exciting TV Features with PTCL


Growing up, watching movies and shows on our TV, together with our families has been a part of everyone’s memories. That particular time would be full of activity from enjoying what is being broadcasted to fighting over the remote. Television has always been an integral part of providing entertainment and information related content.

Back in the 90s and early 2000s, TV operated on an analog format which used the radio signals that caused poor quality and static issues. Furthermore, analog TV required a high-level bandwidth which limited the number of channels available to the viewers. While the good time watching favourite programs with the family continued, there is no denying that the experience was compromised due to the degraded quality of sound and image.

With the passing years and technological evolution, the world started to change and particularly in Pakistan we saw a positive transformation and adoption of latest technology. In the year 2008, the country’s first digital TV service was launched as PTCL introduced its Smart TV. When compared to analog TV, digital TV is far superior and has much more to offer like quality content that uses less bandwidth allowing more channels with premium quality sound and picture. Introducing digital TV service has been a feather in PTCL’s cap as the service is available in over 150 cities in Pakistan with a lot of features. 

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PTCL Smart TV offers over 120+ Live digital quality TV channels. These channels provide the audience with attractive features like the option to rewind and pause the channel ensuring that they never miss a single moment of the show or movie. Customers even have the option of recording certain channels to be watched later at their convenience. They can also customize their preference by adding any channel in the ‘favourites’ option or setting a reminder, so they don’t end up scrolling through the channel list pointlessly. All these customer centric features ensure we don’t miss any of our favourite shows!

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Moreover, there are many more exciting features other than the Live channels. With its ‘Video on Rent’ and ‘TV on Demand’ service, customers can access and view any movie or TV show anytime.

PTCL Smart TV also provides a host of diverse and latest content including popular Pakistani movies, premium Hollywood blockbusters, engaging documentaries, educational videos for students and much more! You can enjoy over 12,000 hours of content sitting at home. In addition it offers SVOD bundle service ‘Starzplay by Cinepax’, where you can subscribe and enjoy all kinds of movie , documentaries, TV shows, cartoons and much more.


PTCL Smart TV also promotes top quality television content that is created and produced in Pakistan. Drama serials already air on the live channels, however, there are also abundant SVOD packages for subscription. A few examples include ‘Rewind with Samina Peerzada’, in which popular celebrity host Samina Peerzada interviews most famous and talented celebrities in the country and ‘Travel with Wajahat Malik’, which is an adventurous travel show that covers beautiful landscapes across Pakistan.

Rewind with Samina Peerzada

PTCL Smart TV also offers educational, fun and entertainment content that is suitable for children viewing. Children can enjoy their favorite cartoons and nursery rhymes on JAN and Toffee TV SVOD bundles. It also offers ejunior that provides a wide range of cartoons and animated series for kids.

PTCL Smart TV and Smart TV App

Moreover, there is availability of educational content for school going children, where they can learn basic subjects like General Knowledge, Science, Mathematics, etc. for grade 1 to grade 12 by subscribing free of cost  to Taleem Ghar SVOD bundle or through PTV TeleSchool Channel. 


University level students have the opportunity to get higher level of education through Virtual University TV channel and have access to their regular syllabus. There are four channels of Virtual University containing a vast range of higher education related content. 

While it’s great that children have such a variety of options with PTCL Smart TV, parents are rightly concerned that their children might access content that is inappropriate for their age. Anticipating this concern, PTCL Smart TV provides a ‘Parental Lock’ feature, which limits children from accessing certain channels/movies unless they have the password.


Another great offer that it gives is, if you have an 8Mbps internet connection, the PTCL Smart TV connection is free of cost. For new customers PTCL Smart TV device is available with PKR 6000/- upfront charges or customers can opt for 30 monthly installments of PKR 300/- that will be included in the existing bill, along with regular charges of PKR 525/- per month. This is true value for money against an entertainment filled package.

All Smart TV customers can enjoy the services on their mobiles and tablets on the go with the PTCL Smart TV app that is absolutely free of cost for all PTCL Smart TV, Broadband and Charji customers.  

PTCL has always strived to keep its customers connected to the rest of the world and is at the forefront to provide high quality family entertainment to everyone across the country!

How to Watch PTCL Smart TV on PC

You may think that it is impossible to find out how to watch PTCL smart TV on PC. The truth is that it is not that hard at all. This is because of the fact that there are numerous streaming websites that are dedicated to stream movies and television programs for free over the internet. All you need to do is to sign up and then you are all set to go. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that if you would like to watch the videos on your computer screen, you would have to be having an internet connection that is fast and reliable enough to deliver the video stream.

How to watchPTCL on PC will surely make you feel as if you are watching your favorite television programs again. This is because you will be able to choose from a lot of programs including popular Thai TV, cooking shows, reality TV, movie channels, educational videos and so on. With how to watchPTCL smart TV on PC, you can change the channel easily whenever you want to without having to worry about missing your favorite program. All you have to do is to click on the channel that you want to watch and from there, you will easily be able to view all the videos that are being streamed on your computer screen.

If you want to know how to watchPTCL smart TV on PC, one of the most common questions that many people ask is that about the quality of the videos. A lot of people would prefer to download videos from sites that let them stream videos for free. However, not everyone enjoys this option. Those who are after the best quality experience will be happy to know that there are tons of websites today that offer high-quality videos that you can watch on your computer. These video streams are often hosted by online channels that specialize in offering quality television programs in the Philippines.

With the help of these streams, you will be able to enjoy the programs better than what you would be able to if you were to download the videos from different sites. When you are watching live TV programs on your PC, you get to enjoy the best quality as the streaming technology optimizes your viewing experience. There are no background sounds, and only the choicest of music can be heard so that you can really feel as if you are sitting right in front of the TV. With the use of the remote control, you can also pause or rewind the live TV show that you are watching so you can take a break from time to time. This gives you a more relaxed experience while watching PTCl TV on PC.

While viewing live TV on your PC, you do not have to deal with any delays. All you have to do is to connect your pc to the internet through a reliable connection such as a high speed modem or cable connection. Once your PC becomes connected, you will be ready to start watching your favorite programs. Usually, you do not have to pay anything extra for the software that you will need to be able to watch TV on your computer. You can actually download it free of charge from the internet and install it on your pc.

Another important feature of this software is that you can use your broadband internet connection to stream the video. This means that if your pc does not support streaming multimedia through the use of Wi-Fi, you can still enjoy watching the videos. You will just have to look for a good streaming site using your search engine and you will be ready to watch the videos on your PC immediately after you download the software.

The program allows you to search through the thousands of channels available to watch and even browse through the current top movie and show timings. If you like, you can also add your own personal favorites into the list and track all the movies and shows that have been added to your favorites list. In this way, you are sure to always know when a particular program comes on. In addition to that, you will also be able to see which movies or shows are available in different genres. For example, if you are a movie buff, you can specify the genre and it will automatically bring up the list of movies and shows that are related to that. As a matter of fact, you are given a lot of flexibility when it comes to watching T.V.

In a nutshell, you do not need to be an expert in computers or TV shows to be able to learn how to watch Ptcl on your pc. All you need to know is where to find the software and how to install it. Once you have installed and activated the software, you will be able to start enjoying the amazing features of watching T.V.


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