In a recent turn of events, both the City school, and Beaconhouse have had their registrations canceled by the Government of Sindh. Both schools had the visit from directorate of inspection / Registration of Private Institution Sindh, and as a result, faced troubles. Both the schools were visited on the 14th of November, 2018, meaning the events took place just today, and the decision was reached today as well, regarding the status of both the schools.

According to the details, when the inspection was carried out via the trusted inspectors, it was found out that both the schools had failed to comply with the orders of the High Court of Sindh, and the honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan.

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This isn’t actually the first time that both the schools have failed to comply with the orders, as proven by the letter that eventually stated everything which had taken place. According to the letter, there were three warnings in previous times for both the schools, and these date back to the 3rd of September, the 4th of September, the 17th of September, and finally, the 6th of November.

So all in all, even though both the schools had respectively been asked to comply with the ruling several times before, they had failed to do so.

Finally, the Government of Sindh has taken a final notice, suspending both the schools, with accordance to the clause 8, till any further notice is provided.


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