Teething problems of GALAXY S8 continue. As we know that some of these devices are restarting on their own. Owners of S8 have taken to XDA developers forums and the Samsung US community page to post about the issue. Seemingly,  it also affects the Galaxy S8 Plus.

More than 100 replies have been received by The  Samsung community site thread; a person reports 7 restarts in his / her first 10 hours with the device. Lots of solutions are sent there but mostly relates to microSD cards.  Remove microSD card if you too face the same problem to check if it solves the issue. However, some people also reported the same issue of restarting having no MicroSD card.

To require one restart or two is a common thing when some smartphone fresh out the box to deploy any bugfixes or patches which have been addressed after shipping. But the problem under discussion is something different.

S8’s red screen issue,  Samsung Bixby button problem and others like this are also on verge of defaming Samsung’s reputation of its flagship devices, so far we know.

Possibly,  Samsung will control the problem by some fix in the near future. But it is too possible that you are desiring to contact its support team to see what they have to say if you are facing the problem.


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