Facebook’s new motto should be like “Move last and take things”. Now the parent company’s top Snapchat duplicates Instagram Stories has hit 200 million on a daily basis, active users, exceeding the last count of 161 million that Snapchat announced along with its IPO. In August, Instagram Stories was launched, that hit 100 million dailies in October, and 150 million in January, so it’s barely slowing as it grows. Meanwhile, Instagram is getting faster at copying even Snapchat’s most technologically sophisticated features with a chain of global iOS and Android updates.

One year ago, Snapchat launched augmented reality “3D stickers” and text you can attach to objects in videos, which then stay fixed to them and maximize or minimize as they shift around. Today Instagram initiate a replica of this attribute called Pinning for stickers and content, with an added enhancement of a video timeline for rubbing back and forth for selecting when to pin something and demoing how it seems.

Instagram added augmented reality sticker which was launched by Snapchat exactly one year ago.

Instagram tells us Pinning depend upon “an area tracking technology,” and it was built because “people frequently love to share their lives through videos, so it was required to enable our stickers to be in motion through videos as one supplementary way to merge your persona with the split seconds you’re capturing.”

Instagram also now has its hold on the version of Snapchat’s Scissors feature that initiated in December for cutting out a piece of a picture, revolving it into a sticker and then pasting it on anything you’d like. Instagram’s “Selfie Stickers” allow you to open a camera from the Stickers dock, take a mini-Selfie, add a fade or round frame to it and then you can paste it into your images. It is to be noted that you can’t just cut a fragment out of your previously shot content.

Instagram is now adding custom Geostickers pinched by local society members for London Madrid, Tokyo, and Chicago. Last month in New York City and Jakarta Instagram launched this duplicate of Snapchat’s demonstrate Geofilters. Similar to Snapchat, your freshly used stickers will show up at the top of the tray. Now there would be the countdown to recording with Instagram’s hands-free camera, so you know at what time to ham it up.

Instagram breaks out additional custom Geostickers

You can observe that Instagram is receiving more rapidly at cloning Snapchat’s features as we review the timeline:

Stories: Snapchat – October 2013, Instagram – August 2016, Lag – 2 years 10 months

Location Filters: Snapchat – July 2014, Instagram – March 2016, Lag – 1 year 9 months

AR Stickers: Snapchat – April 2016, Instagram – April 2017, Lag – 1 year

Create-Your-Own-Stickers: Snapchat – December 2016, Instagram – April 2017, Lag – 4 months.

Now probably the only main feature left for Instagram to copy is Snapchat’s vibrant selfie masks, which Facebook app has already in it and Messenger gratitude to its attainment of MSQRD.Instagram’s Stories reaching more and more users per day than Snapchat’s entire app, advertisers who are seeking maximum scale might be able to get the first choice of Instagram.

Snap’s share value go downwards a little on Tuesday on the launch of Instagram new Direct feature that combines Snapchat-style short-lived messaging with conventional enduring text messaging. Now at the moment, another 1.25 percent stock dropped after the news that Instagram Stories has covered Snapchat’s dimension.

After the launch of Instagram Stories Snapchat’s escalation sank 82 percent. Now wait and watch on its first earnings call coming month whether Snapchat can get user growth back on track or not? In the case of  Slow growth, Wall Street fear it’s would be left in the dust, while strong growth could be evidence for it will persist to battle Instagram for the power of the new distribution and sharing medium.


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