Beijing is likely to react strongly over the reported arrest of Huawei CEO daughter Cathy Meng in Canada on what the media is pointing out at the violation of the US sanctions against Iran by the said individual.

while there is not much news about the charges framed against the lady in question; the way the Canadian officials have reacted in favor of the United States sanctions against Iran has infuriated both the Huawei company as well as the Chiese government. it may be pointed out here that since the swearing in of Trump as American President; Iran on account of JCPOA and Chian on account of its influence in the US market have been on the line of fire in one way or another.

Beijing likely to react over Huawei CEO daughter arrest in Canada

Recently if on one hand, the US tightened sanctions against Iran, on the other hand, so-called anti-dumping duties were slapped on the Chinese products and spare parts, many of them supplied to Apple as vendor product.
China for obvious reasons is expected to react forcefully not just against the US business interests but also against the Canadian ones for what they call meekly following the US line. While the Chinese reaction is fueled by the arrest in the third country over US laws, media reports suggest that US authorities lately have been uncomfortable with the company threat to US cybersecurity and unauthorized data breach fears. here it may be pointed out that a few years back Indian Air Force advised its combat pilots not to purchase and use Huawei products for their real-life GPS to the main server in China, in away compromising the secrecy of IAF combat units in the event of any conflict with China.


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