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Chitral Getting A 5-star Hotel!

Director National Tourism Coordination Board (NTCB), Syed Zulfiqar Bukhari, on Wednesday, started the improvement work of the first five-star hotel in Chitral. 

As per subtleties, the hotel is being worked under the public-private association and will bring about an expense of $30 million. 

Named ‘BeJaan,’ the five-star hotel in Chitral not exclusively will give best in class convenience and eating offices to travelers however will likewise make business open doors for the nearby occupants. 

Anwar Aman, an abroad Pakistani who is the sole speculator in the venture, has named the inn after his mom ‘BeJaan.’ 

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While tending to the notable service, Chairman NTCB said that the officeholder government has taken various measures to encourage the private area to effectively partake in advancing the travel industry the nation over. 

He added that the PTI government has likewise detailed a complete arrangement to extend Pakistan as a tweaked brand everywhere on the world. 

Moreover, NTCB is likewise getting ready to dispatch a devoted e-entry that will advance Pakistan’s vacation spots around the world.


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