Now a day we come across a viral need of downloading and exchanging stuff over the internet but we still fear for getting our information and system to be infected with any sort of anti virus. Therefore here is a list of many software’s of anti virus that will be the best to use!

The antivirus software listed below are categorized based on the following 4 criteria:

  • Real World Test:The testing is done on a Windows 7 Home Premium with latest third-party software which is mostly used by the general users. The results are based on 368 live test cases including malicious URLs.
  • Performance Test:The same system is used in performance tests. SSD drives are used to provide a better reflection of the effect of each software. During the tests, file copying, installation, launch and download speeds are used as a benchmark. PC Mark is also used to get an accurate measure of the antivirus’ burden on the PC.
  • File Detection Test:This test is used to detect the efficiency of an antivirus in detecting a malware. During the test Windows 10 64-bit was used and 163,763 malware samples were used.
  • False Alarm Test:False Alarms occur when a file is incorrectly marked by an antivirus as a virus. The more False positives (FPs), the more unreliable the antivirus is in terms of automatic decision making.

The Least Resource Hungry Antivirus

Avira Anti virus 15 is the antivirus of this year. It was compared with 18 others and still it resulted to be the best of all! It is the most beneficial in use of file copying, archiving/non-archiving, installing/uninstalling applications, launching apps and downloading files. It is just the best of all others. Now you can easily start up a task as many times as you wish and leave the rest for the Avira.

When it was tested against PC Mark, it was still the top spot.Overall Avira scores 174.8 out of 175 performance points.

Avira is closely followed by ESET Anti virus solution which scores 174.7 and only loses in the PC Mark benchmark.

The Most Secure Antivirus

Kaspersky and Avira antivirus detected 99.9 percent of the malware specimen in the file detection test. Trend Micro Internet Security 10.0 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 and F-Secure Safe 2016, scored 100 percent malware infections in the real world performance test. But, Trend Micro raised 6 FPs while F-Secure gained 10 FPs.

To summarize the most secure antivirus, the answer is Kaspersky Internet Security 2016


Avira Antivirus Free has the same features as the one made in the pro version. The Free version of Avira excludes some of the advanced features, like, firewall, spam filters and user control. But however it is offered free of cost on the net.

You can get it:

Best Overall Anti virus Solution

Based on its features, Kaspersky Internet Security 2016, is entitled the best of all. It has scored about 174.6, 0.2 points against the AVIRA PC benchmark test.

But still it is among the top 3 antiviruses.

Best Alternative Antivirus Solution

this software comes at the second place in the list. It has scored  174.6 points in the performance test.

You can get it from:


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