YouTube has the biggest content library on the internet! No one comes close to the content that Youtube has to offer. The daily updates to the YouTube library are massive. However, there is one drawback. YouTube can only play with the app open. Otherwise, it will just stop any video that is playing. There have been numerous modded versions of YouTube but there is still something left to be desired. That is the ability to download YouTube videos in any format and store it on the phone for easier access. Here are some apps to get you excited on that front:


The Videoder Video Downloader App will serve as the browser for you to be able to search through the site for the video you want. To download a video, just click its thumbnail and wait for the app to direct you to the video’s preview page. A download button should appear on your screen which will generate the download links. 

To start the video download, you must choose the video quality and the format that you want.


With VidMate, users can search for their favorite content directly through the app. You will have access to videos and music from popular services and social media sites like Youtube and Facebook. It’s easy to download content with VidMate, and you can have multiple downloads at once, even while you are watching something. This saves time and provides users with the best possible experience. This utility software allows you to download MP4, MOV, AVI, MPEG, and 3PG.


The big difference between TubeMate and these other browsers is that this app has a unique download button that automatically appears when it detects that a web page contains a video file. When users click on the download button, they will be prompted with video resolution options to choose from. Once they have chosen a resolution, the download will then begin shortly. 


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