As much as tablets have been trying to replace laptops it has largely been a failed attempt because of the amount of productivity offered by laptops. They are not only compact, but are more ergonomic for daily tasks and are the continuation of a tech that we are used to unlike tablets which have been on and off and there aren’t many to begin with that come close to even providing half the features of laptops.

In 2019, we have had some bold tries to further the laptop revolution and some are meaningful iterations of previous models that received a much needed upgraded. All-in-all these are the best Laptops money can buy in 2019.

  1. DELL XPS 13 (9380)

Dell has been bragging and boasting about its XPS line for quite some time and deservedly so with the features packed into such a sleek body, it makes for a very complete laptop experience, one which is premium and classy! This year, it has received an incremental update where it fixes the camera position from the nose of the laptop to its forehead, a position that is most appropriate for the front camera. Otherwise, it has been updated with 2019 specs which include 8th generation Intel processors, an i7 one, integrated intel graphics, 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD, however, choosing a 512GB drive would cost $400 less. This time Dell is also offering a touch screen 1080p version which is probably going to go with the mid-tier model with a 4K screen in the top end one. It has a gorgeous aluminum chassis, one that is a looker! This is going to be one hell of a device and is going to cost you a fare buck with prices starting from $1058 and going way up as you add in touch screens and superior processors with SSDs.


The thinkpad lineup has been aimed at business users but its core functionality enables tech geeks and many others to utilize the laptop for their daily needs. It does not leave any stone un turned, and apart from the very outdated thinkpad slanted logo at the right edge of the laptop, the laptop is a very straightforward design with sturdy looks and an even better performance. With options of a 4K HDR screen, you will be getting the best of performances from this laptop with a 1080p options which also prolongs the battery life. Face recognition is also available with extra sensors and software for perfect security and a quick and easy way to access your machine. Upgrades are not just restricted to the internals, but also the outer casing which can be customized to your liking. Configurations include an intel I5 model with 256GB SSD storage and upgrading to i7 and 1TB is also possible, all being 8th Gen obviously, and possess 8GB and 16GB RAM respectively. This is a powerhouse of a laptop Is going to set you back $1400 with not so sleek looks but gets the job done on time and is the product of years of thorough experimenting done by Lenovo, finally nailing the Laptop segment.


  1. MSI GS65 STEALTH 2019

MSI is a very well known brand for gaming laptops and thankfully it sticks to that because it knows it is good at that. Since the aim of the company is focused on delivery top class graphics performances in their laptops and configuring their laptops for the best possible result. This laptop is another one of MSI’s home runs. It is now able to deliver greater than 60fps gaming performance with pricier models offering the RTX 20-series GPU from NVIDIA which are even more powerful. From the last year’s model, this one has better screen, better battery life and is another straightforward design with minimum curves and maximizing airflow through the vents to provide for an undisturbed and a cool gaming session whenever one wants. The display is really the talk of the town with this one being 144HZ, a staggering achievement and an insane experience to have. It offers 512GB of SSD which can be a little thin considering the aim is to fill it up with top games. It will be costing around $1999 which is mid-range considering all the gaming laptops out there!


Starting with the premium alloy construction this one has an elegant design which is boxy yet thin and offers all the bells and whistles expected from a thousand dollar laptop. On top of that you will also be getting an additional stylus which is an optional purchase but could make the difference for all the artists out there. A high resolution screen and NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics would be a great viewing experience for a little light gaming and since this is a Microsoft product, we would also be getting XBOX optimizations and additional compatibility. Buying a 2 in 1 for this price is an attractive option however an additional upgrades would be costing you money and you wont be liking it. Regardless it is a 15-inch laptop with Intel i7 and can also afford you to game on it without sweating. Microsoft is giving a good deal with their surface laptops and one you should be availing. A starting price of $1081 is very attractive and you will not be getting much better specs in the same price category.

Well, so these were the top laptops of 2019, ones you could choose from however, for us, the standout is still the XPS because of just how good looking it is and provides seamless performance alongwith that. It is the deserved champion of the laptop competition and we would be hoping for Dell to give us yearly upgrades to get even better models of the said laptop.


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