So as the course of time has passed, the definition of what a small phone is has changed drastically. During the past 18 months or so the size of the displays has increased in smartphones more then ever. Smartphone manufacturers have one way to keep the size relatively small, that one way is, by trimming the bezels on the phone. Well let us start then.

Our Pick!

Well after seeing many different phones and their features, we decided that the best small android phone would be the Google Pixel 3. Well to start with the Google camera and its composite software is pure class and it captures beauty personified. Google has done an outstanding job at retaining the bar set by its previous predecessors.  Moreover the Pixel 3 has dual front cameras and Google have also retained the stereo speakers of the said phone. The price for the phone currently stands at $799.

Feature-Packed Best Small Android phone

Now in terms of the features we think the most suitable phone for you would be the Samsung Galaxy S9. Although the phone is taller then the before mentioned Pixel 3 as the phone size is a number of 147.7mm, the phone also has a slightly larger display too. Moreover when it comes to the features it lacks relatively nothing other then the dual rear cameras that the S9+ packs but we think the independent rear camera does an amazing job as well. The price for the said phone is $624.

Mid-Range Best Small Android Phone

Without a doubt, the Huawei Honor 10 best suits this heading. The phone is about 150mm in height but the fact that the phone is narrow completely makes up for it as it provides a better use of one-handed phone usage. The design at the back is really beautiful and we think it would be safe to say that the phone offers a very economical package as the phone currently holds a value of $279.

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Excellent for one hand use

Well in that category we think the XperiaXZ2 Compact fits the bill relatively easily. We think it is an ideal phone for one-hand usage. The phone stands at only 135mm. Moreover the phone also provides a good value as the Xperia has provided some amazing features with the phone coming with a Snapdragon 846, a decent RAM of 4GB with 64GB internal memory and a 2670mAh battery. The camera is also 19MP, furthermore if you need a phone specifically designed for one hand use we think this is currently the best option in the market.


Well people lets just say that Nokia is back. The Nokia 8 Sirroco did fall a little short but design-wise it is amazing. It is shorter than Pixel 3 and Galaxy S9 and moreover has 5.5 inch curved QHD display. Moreover the phone packs two cameras in the rear 12MP and 13MP. Now the camera may certainly not be as good as the Pixel 3 or the Galaxy S9 but overall we think the device’s design and the feature of an Android One makes the phone a great prospect for users.

Now as you know many great companies are going for taller displays and hence it can be deduced that the market for small smartphones is decreasing but that does not mean that its end of small phones. There are still some very good solid options available. Now the rest is up to you, in terms of preferences we think you will find the right phone for yourself!


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