Best Supplements to Lower Blood Sugar Levels For Diabetics

Best Supplements to Lower Blood Sugar

When it comes to what vitamins to take to improve your health, many people have a hard time deciding on which supplements are best to take to lower your blood sugar levels.

There is such a variety of potential vitamins and minerals on the market that it can be difficult to know which ones will work the best for you. However, when you consider natural supplements, you will not have to worry about trying to research which nutrients are effective. Berberine is one possible vitamin that can be used to help regulate blood sugar levels. Here are some of the best supplements to lower blood sugar naturally.

*Berberine – Berberine is used in many dietary supplements to promote healthy blood sugar levels. This common supplement can work to treat diabetes as well as being effective in lowering levels. This vitamin helps your body use insulin more efficiently which allows your cells to absorb glucose at a higher rate. Typical dosing recommendations for this vitamin is once a day.

*Glucose-Lowering Hormone – Glucose regulating hormone (GHD) is one of the vitamins commonly found in dietary supplements to treat diabetes. GHD is one of the hormones that cause your body to produce insulin. In some cases, people with type 2 diabetes need to take additional insulin to maintain normal glucose levels. Glucose regulating hormone is effective for both type 1 and types 2 diabetes.

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*Insulin Resistance – Insulin is made by the pancreas to respond to the needs of your blood cells when they need glucose to fulfill their functions. People with insulin resistant conditions have a reduced ability to properly respond to their blood cells’ needs for insulin. Taking supplemental insulin helps you maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

*Lipase Insulin Resistance – Another helpful supplement to manage your diabetes is lipase, which aids in the digestion of carbohydrates. When you have low amounts of lipase, your stomach is not able to digest some foods correctly, which causes them to become too oily or too fibrous.

Lipase aids in helping your stomach properly digest these foods so you maintain the right level of glucose in your blood. Most doctors recommend taking a lipase supplement to help regulate your glucose level. Common oral dosages range from thirty to fifty milligrams daily. Talk to your doctor if you are taking an oral insulin-resistant treatment to learn the appropriate dosing recommendations.

*Sugar Aspartate/N-acetyl-d Glucosamine – This combination is considered beneficial in treating insulin resistant conditions because it can help increase the absorption of glucose in your system. It also helps reduce glucose breakdown in your liver, which allows you to maintain healthy levels of blood sugar longer.

This type of supplement is used to treat diabetics that need ongoing support for insulin and glucose regulation. Typical oral dosages are forty-five milligrams daily. Talk to your doctor about this supplement if you are on one.

*Glucose Peptide – This is one of the easiest and most effective supplements for diabetes to use. It can help you regulate the production of insulin through the gluconeogenesis process, which is the process of producing glucose from the food you eat.

The typical dosing recommendations are twenty milligrams daily for men and women over the age of forty. This type of supplement should only be taken with other medications to achieve higher blood sugar results.

There are many supplements available for treating diabetes. The key is in learning which ones work best for your individual needs. Talk to your doctor about what type of treatment he recommends for you, whether it be a natural supplement or one of the commonly used prescription drugs. If you are taking medication for any other condition, talk to your pharmacist before starting any new medications. This will help you to stay healthy and keep diabetes treatment under control.


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