Beware! Do not open every image that you receive on WhatsApp sends you. Hackers have broken out of strong encryption of unique messaging app WhatsApp and telegrams. If you receive a visual message (picture messaging) from WhatsApp, Do not click on the image or the unknown hacker can even take over your WhatsApp account.

As a result of clicking on an image, your password and all the details of your WhatsApp account, send and received WhatsApp messages, pictures and videos, plus all your family will reach an unknown hacker. That hacker will be able to use your WhatsApp account and other things.

Cyber security firm Check Point Software Technologies, warned that hackers also have taken to break the messaging app, WhatsApp and the telegram, consumers have the encryption technology designed to protect the break US intelligence has proved impossible to work.

 When a hacker sends a message first to hack a user’s account, which apparently is in the form of a beautiful and attractive image, but when the user clicks on the image to open it, all the information of the user’s account is sent to the hacker immediately. People are getting annoyed of this hacking scheme and WhatsApp is taking serious actions against this process.

Also, there’s been this news that WhatsApp introduced the new feature of adding stories for 24h like Snapchat, is now preparing to end this feature. As the public does not really like WhatsApp for copying Snapchat, WhatsApp is now taking actions to end this update.


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