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No big change in offing for Razer

No big change in offing for Razer
No big change in offing for Razer

On the 10th of October, Razer is confirmed to hold a big press event, and it is highly likely, highly probable that the company’s latest flagship smartphone will be unveiled in the event, as we won’t have to wait too long a time anymore for the Razer phone 2.

Now, a few days ahead of the probable unveiling, a leaked render has leaked some images, which can quite easily be seen on the internet, and these images confirm the upcoming phone’s overall design.

If these images are anything to go by, then the upcoming phone appears to look pretty much the same as its predecessor. The display is flanked by not one, but two bezels – one at the bottom, while the other at the top, however, just like the case being of last year, this will indeed allow the possibility of dual front-facing stereo speakers on the phone.

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While the design from the front is pretty much the same, something has most certainly changed on the back of the phone. With the leaked photos, we can quite easily see a dual camera setup on the back of the Razer phone 2 in accordance to the leaked images. Although the first Razer flagship too had a dual-lens system, it has since been moved on to the center of the back, rather than the top left. Apart from this modification, everything else is pretty much the same, in the terms of design of the phone.

The first Razer phone was really impressive. Amongst the many amazing features the phone could boast was the highlight – its stunning 120Hz display, however, this did turn out to be a bit of a disappointment, primarily because of poor screen brightness, and a really lackluster camera. It is expected now however, that Razer has learnt from its mistakes, and that is why the upcoming phone is amongst the most highly anticipated of the year.


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