Big Talk went down, PM Khan meets with President Trump in Washington

Big Talk went down, PM Khan meets with President Trump in Washington
Big Talk went down, PM Khan meets with President Trump in Washington

So the Prime Minister of Pakistan arrived in Washington, in what is considered as one of the most down to earth tours any Pakistani Premier has ever made to the super power country. Today, the Prime Minister arrived at the President House at 12:00 PM local time(USA), for his first talk of the tour with the President of the USA. Moreover, upon arriving at the venue, he was greeted with a firm handshake by the President Trump after which the two waved at the many PTI and Pakistan supporters outside, waiting to catch a glimpse of the two.

Furthermore, the President said that both the countries are working hard to sort out the situation of the Taliban and working on getting the Taliban out of Afghanistan. On the matter Mr. Trump stated that “Pakistan is helping us a lot now on Afghanistan”. In talking about inter-state relations, he also offered to intervene in the on-going Pak-Indo relations in an attempt to better relations between the two neighborhood countries. Moreover, when asked about the unfavourable statements made against Pakistan in the past, President Trump stated that “I don’t think Pakistan respected the United States [in the past]. I don’t think Pakistan respected its [the United States’] presidents. I think Pakistan could have done a tremendous amount with respect to Afghanistan. I think they could have help us a lot in the past, but it doesn’t matter [now]. We have a new leader, he is going be a great leader of Pakistan. We have a sort of new leader here [in the US] … but now I think Pakistan could have done a lot [in the past] but it choose not to just because they didn’t respect US leadership,” stated the US leader. Honestly, what more could we have done? Perhaps the true issue lied with the leadership and Presidents of the US and not our government and respective armed forces, alas time goes by, lets hope both countries are on the same page now.

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In addition, President Trump has also assured that if he can help resolve the Kashmir issue he will try his best to intervene to come to a solution, which be acknowledged by both India and Pakistan. In addition to that, Trump is well aware of the current economic crisis of Pakistan and has in turn said that the US are more than willing to invest in the country. Finally on an answer to the question, whether President Trump would want to visit Pakistan? He replied rather humorously by saying that he is yet to receive an invitation from PM Khan but says that he would “love to visit the country one day”.

Moreover, PM Khan did not for one moment put Pakistan’s reputation at risk and said that Pakistan has lost more than 70,000 people to death and billions in deficit due to the “War on Terror” and further reminded about the security situation that Pakistan had once found themselves in. All in all, things looked positive from both sides and we are hoping that both countries will come to a resolve which will suit both the US and of course Pakistan.


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