The biggest tech show CES 2018 is all set to hit the grounds with amazing products. Ladies and gentle men, world’s most anticipated technology show, CES 2018, which stands for Consumer Electronics Show is all set to take place between January 9-12 in Las Vegas, where 170,000 people are expected to visit.

Now, all eyes are waiting to see what tech giants are going to unveil there.

Gadgets from all of the technology segments, such as; drones, audio, vehicles, IoT/smart home, AR/VR, smartphones and the likes are expected to showcase.

 Although it’s pretty clear that we may not see the introduction of many smartphones at the event, as compared to MWC and IFA, but, rumors hint that some smartphones brands will still be there to reveal their most up-to-date inventions.

Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Dell, Sony, Huawei and many others tech giants are likely to be present at the event, though, we still don’t know which products they are setting up to disclose on the tradeshow.

However, we have compiled a report (via gathering rumors and leaks) for few brands which are most probable to take their cut in CES 2018.

What will be in Samsung bag to reveal at CES 2018?

Samsung is anticipated to launch several gadgets for CES 2018. Few rumors suggest the Galaxy S9 flagship smartphone will come into view at the Vegas show but we’re uncertain.

But yes, probably we will get a teaser video about the phone from South Korean giant. Samsung might launch its latest smartphone from the Galaxy A series of 2018, which may be having S8 like infinity displa .

According to rumors, Samsung Galaxy X which will be the earliest foldable smartphone by the company is also predictable to be launched at the tradeshow.

Previously, Samsung has filed a patent for its foldable Galaxy X phone.

We are also looking forward to to see a few new QLED TVs though, along with a few other updates, probably in the smart home sector.

What will Huawei launch at CES 2018?

Huawei, which is considered to be one of the biggest smartphones manufacturers isn’t likely to launch new smartphones in Las Vegas.

Since the Mate 10 series was revealed in October, so the Huawei P-series smartphones possibly will make their debut at MWC. on the other hand, chances are there that Chinese manufacturer might instigate a trailer for its next smartphones series. I

It seems that company will use the event to publicize the launch of the Mate 10 Pro in the US.

LG at CES 2018

Just a day before the event on January 8, LG is will carry out a news briefing. Korean media reveled a report which assures that the company might be revealing its G7 on the event, but it’s not confirmed.

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The tech giant will launch its next lineup of its K-series and Stylus 3 phablet in the trade by following the similar footprints as of CES 2017.

What will be in Sony’s bucket at CES 2018?

Sony is expected to launch its new QLED TV series on the trade show. However, the Japanese company will be there so look forward to a couple of new devices, most likely in the TV sector and perhaps even mobile.

 Featuring bezel-less display and dual rear cameras Sony is also said to be launching new Xperia phone series to amaze you.

What will Lenovo bring at CES 2018?

Lenovo is making presence at CES 2018 and Qualcomm has previously confirmed that we’ll be witnessing something from Lenovo in the Windows on ARM space.

Therefore it is extremely expected that we might see a Snapdragon-powered laptop of Lenovo at the event.

HTC, ZTE, Dell, and BlackBerry and many other companies are expected to launch their pioneering and innovative products at the event.

So, if you are interested in this event and want to attend CES 2018, you can simply register for the event here.

To update you further about any new development of the CES 2018, Wwe will develop another story. So stay connected with us.


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