Blackberry’s Android dream soon coming to an end

Blackberry’s Android dream

Over the course of the past few years, Blackberry made its way back into the smartphone market after it dominated a great deal of it around a decade ago. The partnership that ensued with TCL was the prime factor when taking into account the company’s return in the market, however, things haven’t exactly gone through too well.

Indeed just yesterday, it was announced by the company that its Android smartphone business is set to come to an end – with the current models set to be discontinued later this year.

Announced on Twitter, Blackberry Mobile is now shutting down its sales of its current Android phones starting the 31st of August of this year. The news features just two year after the Blackberry smartphone was announced : the Blackberry Key2 LE.

Blackberry did enjoy success in the Android market when it launched the Blackberry KeyOne – an Android smartphone which featured with a smaller display that was integrated in order to make room for a full physical keyboard. The device essentially followed a design much similar to the classic Blackberry smartphones that captured the market many years ago – however, this one came with a modern design and of course – also Android.

With the announcement in place, Blackberry also made it clear that all of its releases before the operations coming to a halt will be continued to be supported by customer service and warranty until two years from now in August. 

And so once again, after its return into the smartphone world – this time with the aid of Android and a partnership with TCL – it looks as if Blackberry is once again dead. Of course, it wouldn’t be too wise to rule out a revival at some point – as the company has shown the capacity to do that previously.


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