Blade bezel trademarked by Samsung Display for its panels

Blade bezel trademarked by Samsung Display for its panels
Blade bezel trademarked by Samsung Display for its panels

As of late, the Samsung group has been patenting a large number of designs as well as utilities for the sake its foldable smartphones. This of course does not at all mean that the company has given up on normal slab handsets because it’s latest trademark related to normal smartphone bezels.

LetsGoDigital happens to be very well-known for the sake of both patent as well as trademark coverage. The publication has now gone on to unearth a trademark going by the name of “Blade bezel” which has been filed by Samsung Display with the KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office) on the 16th of this month.

The application with regards to this trademark is actually categorized as Class 9 for large screen display, smartphone display, LCD, LED, OLED, digital camera display and video screen.

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Going by the name of “Blade,” it perhaps would be a safe assumption that such bezels would indeed be flat and would be without any curves. And so, Samsung Display might indeed end up using this trademark for the sake of its flatter slim bezel panels

In any case though, whenever we talk about rumors in relation to patents, it’s always important to note that many companies file a rather wide variety of patents as well as trademarks – of course though, not all of them are used by such companies. Such filings more often than not are so that such companies can actually secure their original ideas so as to make sure that no other companies, especially competitors, can use them.

Regardless of whether Samsung practically applies such a patent or not, it is not at all surprising that the Korean manufacturer is looking to further its rise in the smartphone world – and especially in the market of displays.


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