If you have lost your smartphone, first of all, get my sympathies. You have lost it somewhere or someone has snatched it from you, the depression is real. Moreover, the real thing about to worry is that our lost phones don’t get misused. In this case, the best option is to block your lost or stolen handsets.

It’s always good to block your stolen phone as the advantage to block stolen phone is that no one can misuse the information available on it.

In this regard, a website by Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) had also set up to help Pakistan citizens to verify and get back snatched or stolen phones. The record of more than a million IMEI numbers can be accessed through CPLC website.

There are multiple ways in Pakistan through which you can block your stolen or lost smartphone. But, before going into any detail, you should know about IMEI code or number. As, most of the time, you will need this number to block your cell phone.

How to find IMEI number of your phone?

Well, the procedure is simple. It can be found by various methods that are written as follows:

  • Just dial *#06# on your mobile dial pad and you will get it
  • You can find on box of your device as it is printed on it
  • You can find it by going to settings >about phone > Status > IMEI Information.
  • You can find IMEI number by removing the back cover and battery of your mobile phone. You will find IMEI inside the Battery compartment (this method is only applicable for mobile devices with removable battery option).
  • Go to Settings > General > About (Only applicable for IOS devices)

Now, let’s get find different ways through which you can block your smartphone.

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Block your phone via through Fax

You can block your stolen or lost phone is through Fax. You can block your mobile phone just by sending the fax to CPLC at 021-35683336. But, you must have to give the IMEI number in the fax.

Block your phone via Email

Another way to block your phone is through e-mails. All you need to do is to send your complaint along with IMEI number at the email address [email protected]. In this way, the complaint about stolen mobile via the email address will lead to IMEI block which will make the lost phone unable to be used for the person who stole it.

Block your phone through Calling

You can also block your android phones as well as the other phone by calling at the numbers written as follows:

  • PTA (Pakistan Telecom Authority): 0800-25625
  • Police: 15
  • CPLC (Citizen Police Liaison Committee): 021-35662222

Block your phonethrough Online Form

This is another easy and simple way to block your lost or stolen phone. You can register an online complaint. When you lost your cell phone, immediately go to CPLCwebsite and register Stolen Mobile Complaint. It can help you trace stolen phone. On the other hand, you can also select the CPLC mobile block option to make the lost or stolen mobile unable to be used.

Follow the simple steps described below, to file the complaint online:

  • Go to the official site of the CLCP.
  • Open the “mobile theft” option that is available at the site.
  • Now, provide all the necessary information in the form. It will include personal info, mobile info and incident info.
  • At the end, click the submit button. It will show you a message that you have successfully file the complaint.

Later on, you will be informed about the status of your report via call, text or email.

In a nut shell, all the above-mentioned methods can help you to block your stolen or lost phones. You can choose the appropriate one.

What are the advantagesof blocking your lost smartphone?

Although it’s hard to believe that you have lost your phone but whenever such unpleasant incident happens with you, you are advised to file a complaint as soon as possible.  You don’t have lost just your phone, but a lot of precious information and pictures as well.

If you block your lost phone, no one can misuse the information available on your mobile phone. You could just breathe a sigh of relief since it would keep your data safe and sound.

Get registered your phone before 20th October, public message by PTA

In addition, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has launched Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) to recognize and block the smuggled and unregistered phones.

The system of DIRBS will make sure the use of legal devices on mobile networks. In this regard, recently PTA has started sending text messages (SMS) to all of the mobile phone users to verify their handsets.

So, hurry up and register your device before 20th October .Since, after October 20th only registered and verified mobile phone will be functional. So if you want to use your phone after 20thOctober then get registered it  by sending your device IMEI number at 8484 before 20thOctober. Otherwise, PTA will block your to smartphone.


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