In a captivating cross-border encounter, the legendary Bollywood star Mumtaz added a new chapter to her inaugural visit to Pakistan. This time, she took center stage alongside renowned Pakistani actor Resham, engaging in a mesmerizing dance to an iconic song that featured Mumtaz herself. The viral video on Instagram showcased the two celebrities gracefully moving to the beats of the hit song “Koi Sehri Babu Dil Lehri Babu” from the 1973 Bollywood film “Loafer,” starring Dharmendra and Mumtaz. Both adorned in elegant all-white traditional attire, Resham and Mumtaz received praise from fans for their genuine camaraderie, sharing laughter and an embrace. As spotted in the video, Ahsan Khan joined the fun, encouraging the dynamic duo.

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Before this, the “Udaari” actor disclosed in an interview with The Express Tribune that the acclaimed Indian actor was on a two-week visit to Pakistan. Ahsan revealed Mumtaz to be a close friend, emphasizing that they frequently communicate. This marked Mumtaz’s first-ever visit to Pakistan, during which she explored Islamabad and Lahore and spent time with friends, as disclosed by Ahsan.
Reflecting on his cross-border friendship with Mumtaz, Ahsan shared that the Bollywood icon praised his work in his latest drama, “Sukoon.” While expressing the situation’s surreal nature, Ahsan mentioned Mumtaz’s appreciation for Pakistani dramas, recalling her inquiry about his ongoing projects. He informed her about “Sukoon,” after watching the first episode, Mumtaz predicted it would be a well-received project.


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