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Bollywood is unjust towards the married actresses

Bollywood is unjust towards the married actresses. Marital status in film industry is as important for a girl as it is in her social. But this importance of varies in each sector and where being married is valued in the society, being unmarried is valued in film industry. Means that the sector that is representative of societies, doesn’t follow the values that societies hold.

This is the story of all the film industries, either it is Lolly wood,  Hollywood or Bollywood. And a famous actress Rani Mukherjee verifies this rule of film industry by saying that status of an actress gets changed when she goes ahead with marriage in her life, but for men it does not matter, they remain the same always.

Rani Mukherjee is a Bollywood actress who shed light on the discriminatory behavior that Bollywood has adopted for the married actresses of the film industry.

While she was exchanging her ideas and feelings about the behaviour of film industry towards married actresses she said “Just because I got married and had a baby, nothing changed in me. I am the same actor.”

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40 year old Rani Mukherjee views that after getting married even when an actress becomes mother, though does not bring any change to the “actress” as she can perform her duty of acting in the same manner, but it changes the way industry itself looks at the actress.

According to the Indian Express,  being married and having children for an actress is as good as dead for the film industry as per the words of Rani Mukherjee. She also says actors do not have to go through this kind of unjust and prejudiced conduct.

The actress says, “There are basic prejudices that come with married actresses and those who are mothers. How we are a dead commodity. We don’t sell and that no one wants to see us. Actors don’t get this. They have a successful career and parallelly lead their normal lives. Only actresses are made to choose marriage late in their lives because they feel our commodity dies once we are married”.

While Mukherjee was discussing the success of her recent comeback film ‘Hichki’, she had also revealed that the opinions of the audience are always of more significance, in comparison to the actor themselves, since the actress will always give her best regardless of whether she is a married, a mother or a bachelor.

Saba Imran
Saba Imran
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