How to book a ride using your voice via Google!

Want to book an Uber or Careem ride? Google has planned to help you in this regard, to make this process even easier. Google is rolling out a feature to Google Assistant that allows you to book for a rideby voice, like an Uber or Careem.

You can get benefit of this feature through a Google Home speaker, an Android phone, an iPhone and more.

How to book a ride with Google using your voice?

The new feature of Google Assistant lets you ask it to book you a ride by just using your voice.

Before this feature, we use Google Maps to select a destination and then choose Uber, Careem, or one of several other services to take us somewhere. However, all this process of booking a ride required some searching in Google Maps and typing in your destination. But now, no more search as you got your voice to command Google assistance.

Thankfully, Google understands the need of users and has embedded its smart voice assistant. It means if you own a Google Home, an Android phone, or you’re using the Google Assistant on an iPhone, you can ask for a ride anywhere such as the airport or a restaurant by just using your voice.

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Currently, the voice service is only available in English, but may Google add more languages in future.Google is rolling out it now where Google supports ride sharing services.

How you can check to see if it’s active on your device and try it?

  • If you have a Google Home or an Android phone, just say, “Hey Google, or open the Google Assistant app on your phone.”
  • Now speak the command like “Get me a ride toEmporium Mall,” or “Hey Google, get me a ride toAllama Iqbal international airport.”
  • Since, the new feature supports 18 different ride-sharing services, so you can be a little specific and say “Hey Google, get me an Uber to the Emporium Mall.”
  • Then, Google will inform you how much it costs.
  • Now, open your phone and confirm the booking.

As, the latest feature is rolling out this week it means you might not be able to use it immediately, however you should be capable to give it a test in the coming days. As, it can make your life easier than you think.

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