The booming Nigerian black market gets exposed

The booming Nigerian black market gets exposed. Nigeria has been spotted as the best market place for grey marketing as the investigators of Sun has reported that the mobile phones snatched ranging to tens of thousands in the UK streets get supplied to Nigerian booming black market run by crime lords.

The mobiles are seized by acid-armed yobs and get shipped to (4,500 miles away) biggest Nigerian city Lagos to be sold for up to £560.

Nigeria is actually a tech-starved part of the world where these seized mobiles are purchased by middle classes.

As oil-rich middle classes of Nigeria have temptation for these UK-used mobiles, the business of black marketing is increasing rapidly.

Nigeria has not signed up to a global deal blacklisting stolen phones, and this is thd cause that British moped gangs are able to keep the crime bosses supplied by exporting tens of thousands of snatched mobiles to the country.

The police is urged by MPs to stop the supply of snatched mobiles by cracking down on the moped gangs as this is a very serious matter that causes increased crime in the UK.

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Violent attacks in the UK to seize phones to send in the black market of Nigeria is a total rebel as the other parts of the world are getting wealthy with the wealth of the people living in the UK.

Back in 2016 there were 446,000 UK phone thefts and 60,000 of these mobiles were from London alone, with two thirds of iPhones.

later in June 2017, the Met recorded 16,158 phone crimes relating mopeds.

About a couple of weeks ago raider Derryck John went to jail for 10½ years for hurling acid in the face of six people in London for snatching mobile phones.

The criminals travel two to a moped and the passenger grabs valuables while they pass by a victim. The data of the phones gets plundered first so that the bank accounts of the victims are hacked, though Brits may not be aware of this happening.

In 2017, there were about 60,000 mobile phone thefts in London.Yet only 1,200 villains were charged in the capital with handling stolen goods of all kinds, means that the criminals are supported by the authorities in government offices and police are fuelling the problem by failing to target criminal handlers. While on the other side Lagos police claims to be unaware of the shipping of stolen phones there in Lagos.

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