There have been rumors that Motorola is currently working on a successor to its Moto Watch 100, known as Moto Watch 200, almost a year after the brand unveiled the Moto Watch 100. It was recently revealed that the smartwatch was spotted on the FCC database earlier this month, revealing its design and revealing an image of the box.

Moto Watch 200

The images make it clear that the smartwatch, unlike its predecessor, will have a rectangular display, unlike the predecessor, which has a circular dial to display information. There has been a tweet released by popular tipper SnoopyTech, showing off marketing images of the Moto Watch 200, revealing a circular display on each side of the device.

There is a possibility that Motorola is working on two designs for the smartwatch, which conflict with the FCC’s announcement of a square dial. We believe this to be the case. Getting a product like this will not be an uncommon practice, as we have seen brands such as Amazfit, OnePlus (Nord Watch) perform the same activity in the past.

Circular and rectangular versions of the Moto Watch 200

Both circular and rectangular versions of the Moto Watch 200 leaked

Listed on the back of the circular smartwatch is the FCC ID (MOSWZ200) along with the brand name ‘Moto Watch 200’, a nod to the squarer sibling’s MoWZ200. The round watch model is reportedly equipped with a heart rate sensor, interchangeable bands, and proprietary wireless charging technology, in addition to a heart rate sensor. The picture also shows the smartwatch connected to a wired charger, which could be or could not be a USB Type-C charger, as seen in the image above.

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A few days later, the FCC leaked details about the Moto Watch 200, which would be the first Moto Watch to come with an aluminum case – and it would also be compatible with Bluetooth LE and GPS technologies. It’s no surprise that this smartwatch will be waterproof as well, with a standing pressure of 5 ATM. Despite the fact that there has not yet been a firm announcement about the product’s release date, it appears from official marketing materials that Motorola is very close to having the device available. It has been confirmed by the FCC that the Moto Watch 200 will also be launched in North America soon after its FCC certification.


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