Brain games does not guarantee cognitive skills

Playing brain games does not guarantee to perk up cognitive skills, experts claimed

Experts just proved the claim wrong that “Brain training games may provide the benefits to brain health “

In fact, Global Council on Brain Health presented a report that recommends that people engage in interesting activities such as learning a musical instrument, designing a quilt or gardening is more better.

It claimed the younger a person started these actions; their brain function would be improved as they aged. But when we talk about learning new thing then it was never too late to learn something new.


In collaboration with international scientists, health policy experts, and professionals – the council has formed a report on the finest ways to fuel the brain and diminish cognitive decline.

It stated that even though a lot of people consider that playing online games, such as puzzles and mind games, designed to perk up brain health was significant, the proof regarding the benefits was “feeble to non-existent”.

The report added “If people play a ‘brain game’, they possibly will get better at that game, but progress in game performance has not yet been revealed to credibly result in improvements in people’s daily cognitive skills

For instance, there were no facts which proved that playing sudoku would aid you to handle your finances any better, it added.

The report offers its recommendation on seeking out innovative and fresh activities that are the way you think and are socially appealing while leading a vigorous way of life.

Suggestions include:

  • Researching your family tree
  • Practicing tai chi
  • Photography classes
  • Cooking new dishes
  • Gardening vegetables and flowers
  • Learning about new technologies
  • Creative writing
  • Art projects
  • Volunteering

Chief scientist at Age UK, James Goodwin which lends a hand to set up the Global Council on Brain Health, said brain turn down was not expected.

“There is an abundance of activities that we can initiate today that can give benefits for brain fitness and health if they are new to you and have need of your intensive concentration.

“They possibly will be activities that you do on a regular basis in your daily life, such as playing with grandchildren, playing cards or gardening.

“However it’s never too late to gain knowledge of something new or learning new technologies, the overpowering message from this study is that you shouldn’t linger until later life to endeavor to uphold your brain health.”


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