Breath Tests Would be Enough to Detect Covid-19

Breath Tests Would be Enough to Detect Covid-19

Breathonix, a clinical hardware producing company situated in Singapore, has built up a breath test that identifies Covid-19 in under sixty seconds. 

Promoted as a game-changing innovation in containing the spread of COVID-19 illness, the breath test effectively identifies positive Coronavirus cases with over 90% precision. 

In opposition to the standard Coronavirus test which includes gathering swab tests from the nasal cavity and determination utilizing the PCR strategy, Breathonix’s progressive breath test is a simple to-utilize machine, which is similarly easy to oversee. 

So as to evade cross-defilement and keep salivation from entering the machine, Breathonix utilizes a dispensable mouthpiece that has a single direction valve and spit trap. 

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Breathonix’s breath test requires a person to blow into an expendable mouthpiece appended with a profoundly precise breath sampler. The gathered breath is provided to a mass spectrometer for estimation after which an AI programming produces the Coronavirus test result by identifying Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the breath test. 

VOCs are ceaselessly created by various biochemical responses in human cells. Different maladies cause these mixes to transform with a certain goal in mind, bringing about discernible changes in an individual’s breath. Hence, VOCs can be utilized to distinguish the presence of infections like COVID-19.

Our breath test is easy to administer, and it does not require specially-trained staff or laboratory processing. Results are generated in real-time, making it an attractive solution for mass screening, especially in areas with high human traffic. We believe our breath analysis platform shows promise in changing the tides of this pandemic.


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