A recent report from The Guardian has lent credence to Islamabad’s assertions by disclosing that the Indian government, purportedly under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, sanctioned “killings” on Pakistani soil.

In January this year, Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary Syrus Qazi unveiled what he characterized as a “sophisticated and sinister” Indian operation involving extraterritorial and extrajudicial killings. Qazi claimed that Islamabad possessed “credible evidence” linking Indian operatives to the deaths of two Pakistani nationals within Pakistan’s borders.

These accusations came on the heels of separate claims by both Canada and the United States, implicating Indian agents in assassination attempts on their respective territories.

“These incidents are cases of contract killings orchestrated by a sophisticated international network spanning multiple countries,” stated the foreign secretary.

A recent article from the UK-based newspaper alleged that the New Delhi administration “executed individuals in Pakistan.” Drawing on intelligence sources, the report suggested that New Delhi had adopted a strategy of targeting individuals deemed hostile to India on foreign soil.

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According to the article, such actions intensified after the 2019 Pulwama attack, with India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) allegedly initiating foreign assassinations. The report claimed that Indian operatives have been linked to the deaths of 20 individuals in Pakistan since 2020, including Sikh separatists associated with the Khalistan movement.

The spike in killings in Pakistan in 2023 was attributed to Indian intelligence sleeper cells, according to the report. It indicated that Indian agents recruited individuals to carry out the shootings, misleading them into believing they were targeting “enemies of their faith.”

“Following Pulwama, the strategy shifted to preemptively targeting individuals abroad before they could orchestrate an attack or cause disruption,” stated an Indian intelligence operative.

Intelligence sources reported a notable rise in targeted killings last year, attributing the deaths of 15 individuals to India, with most victims being shot at close range.

India’s Ministry of External Affairs refuted all allegations, denouncing them as “false and malicious anti-India propaganda.”


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