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British-Pakistani, Sirine Jahangir makes history by reaching Britain’s Got Talent Semi-finals

Whether its Pakistanis in Pakistan or Pakistanis living abroad, the immense talent that this nation has given birth to is truly tremendous and it always finds a way to make the country proud. We have seen many examples of such amazing talent which is the pride of Pakistan and at the same time we feel ashamed that so much talent goes to waste because the government and agencies do not support those talented individuals. However, talent and skill always finds a way and Pakistani history is blessed with yet another major achievement. British-Pakistani singer Sirine Jahangir has reached  the semifinals stage of Britain’s Got Talent, after she left all the people in the crowd stunned with her powerful and soulful vocals on the show.

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The singing sensation gave breathtaking performances which was applauded by not only the crowd but also the judges present at the auditions. The 14-year old visually impaired singer became the first ever British-Pakistani to enter the show’s Semi-finals and it goes to show the collateral beauty of it all, a girl who faces blindness on daily basis, comes out with such a beautiful voice which leaves everybody shocked. We are truly proud of such an individual to even have a link with our country. Sirine Jahangir won over the hearts of judges as well as the audience with her amazing talent and an inspiring story of how she lost her vision at the age of just nine. 

While talking to the BBC, Jahngir told BBC about her audition on the show which left everyone in tears. She says that “When I was walking towards the stage, the only thing I wanted was to do something that enables me to help people like me,”. Kafeel Jahangir, the father of this amazing individual, told BBC how his daughter had encountered all difficulties with a brave mask on, facing adversity head on. He mentions, “Sirine has been really brave, courageous and smart despite facing a difficult period. When she lost her sight, I knew at the time that the universe wants her to do something big”. Sirine has truly made people in both Britain and Pakistan proud by showcasing her amazing talent and skill. 


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