The decision to eradicate all the taxes related to internet broadband has been taken by The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) which is triggered by the pressure digital group of companies. Followed by the decision, 19.5% tax will be reduced from the mobile broadband sector.

Many complaints were registered by the stakeholders of digital community previously after which, managing director of KPITB was requested to formulate a proposal regarding the demands of digital sector, which was the deduction of 19.5% mobile brodband tax.

This demand was raised after Punjab and Sindh governments successfully reduced 19.5% mobile broadband taxes easing the users out of surplus taxation. This removal of the previously prevailing mobile brodband tax is being considered a roadway to the glorious and more successful mobile broadband era as heavy taxation was a burden for the users, and now this reduction will help them to enjoy the facility with less stress, allowing the progress of ‘mobile brodband’ within the country.


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