Rs.605 million have been reserved for the social welfare sector, and Rs 500 M for another development program for the establishment of violence against women centers (VAWCs) under the proposed VAWC Authority,  for the fiscal year 2017-18, at divisional headquarters.

A major part of this allocation will be used by Qasr-i-Bahboods, shelter homes, old age homes, children and survivors of violence against women centers in various districts of Punjab. 10 new schemes will be implemented by the department. Schemes will be including the disabled person’s management information system, the launch of old age homes and centers for disabled, the launch of socio-economic centers in jails, research studies on shelter homes, third gender situational analysis and sustainable model of centers for mentally abnormal children in Punjab.

Rs 675 million have been reserved for women’s development sector for the fiscal year of 2017-18. Up to Rs 210 million have been reserved for the Punjab Working Women Endowment Fund as the ODP and for the Punjab Commission Rs100m  on the Status for Women and for research and surveys related to gender issues as the ODP. A major part of the reservation will be spent on monitoring and tracking of women empowerment initiatives, on the training of domestic workers, establishment of working women hostels, and development of information technology based portal with the purpose to track development in the field of gender parity.

 Awareness of public at large on women’s rights through mass media, capacity building of newly elected lady councilors under the Punjab Local Government Ordinance of the year 2016 and monitoring and tracking of implementation of women empowerment initiatives are the new initiatives that will be implemented.

An amount of Rs 625 million was allocated for the sector which was revised to Rs498m, In 2016-17.


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