How to fix the Bug in Apple’s iOS 11.1’s autocorrect software?

How to fix the Bug in Apple's iOS 11.1's autocorrect software?

Some users are not able to type the letter ‘i’ into their iPhone and iPad(s) due to the a bug in Apple’s iOS 11 software update.

Instead getting typed ‘i’ they are getting the character typed to an ‘A’ alongside a character as their predictive text correct it to ‘A’.

The cause of this strange bug is not clear. But users had shared a range of quick fixes online. Apple has also recommended a temporary work around using its text replacement feature.

Users have come up with fixes, including turning off predictive text through settings or downloading a 3rd party keyboard from the App Store.

For a temporary fix before the upcoming iOS update, users of these devices can go to the Settings menu, tap General, then Keyboard, and at the end tap Text Replacement.

Touch the ‘+’ symbol then type ‘I’ in the Phrase option and type a lowercase ‘i’ in Shortcut.

This will replace all use of the letter ‘i’  permanently, with its uppercase version sans going through predictive text.

Reddit user TheCravin reported this bug saying that Apple’s predictive keyboard feature suggests a random character like ‘A’ ‘#’ or ‘!’ that is followed by a “[?]” symbol.

The predictive text of the phone automatically replaces the ‘I’ unless the user chooses correcting it.

The bug, yet to be fixed by Apple, arrived with iOS 11.1.

It seems to be affecting iMessage, and other apps including Instagram and Twitter.

The iOS 11.1 update, that brought bug fixes and is a host of new emoji, does not seem to be infecting every device it is installed on with the new bug.

Some people have been taken to Twitter to complain against the bizarre glitch over the weekend. User @mcwm has tweeted:

‘I have a $1,150 [£877] telephone that can’t read the letter “i”‘.

Twitter user @TheJeanAbraham wrote,

“WTF if wrong with iPhone now and this stupid symbols when I type the letter I!!!!!,”.

Twitter user @Miss_Courtneyyy has tweeted:

“my iphone is being glitchy so whenever i type the letter “i” it turns into this “i”. so i’m probs going to start talking in 3rd person.”

The iOS11.1which brings the glitch was released last week . iOS 11.1 is bringing with it hundreds of new emojis.

The full set of new emojis includes more smiley faces, with gender-neutral characters, and new clothing options like a trenchcoat and a headscarf, alongside the fun mystical creatures like vampires and genies.

The company has also added a new gesture and if you force-press on the left edge of the device and swipe, you will go straight to the next app.

This gesture is more efficient than double-pressing on the home button.


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