Bugatti watches?

Bugatti watches

The company Bugatti has of course greatly established a profile of quality, excellence as well as exquisiteness with respect to the designs of its sports cars – all of whom are truly iconic. And now, the company is said to be teaming up with watchmaker VIITA so as to develop three excellent smartwatches that will reflect the cutting-edge technology as well as materials in crafting what the two firms see as masterpieces. VIITA of course on its own account has truly blossomed in becoming a leading luxury smartwatch brand. Its combination with Bugatti goes on to reflect a rather common design philosophy concerning excellence as well as the deployment of cutting-edge technology as being the drivers for their products.

The three new Bugatti watches that have come to attention bear the names of some of the luxury car manufacturer’s iconic brands – including the likes of Bugatti Pur Sport, Le Noire and Divo. All three models are prefixed by Bugatti ceramic.

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Also, as you might have imagined, all three smartwatches are also brimming with very impressive features as well as functionalities. They include up to 90 different sport modes, heath and fitness sensors so as to monitor vital statistics at every moment, as also acceleration and GPS. The dual-purpose heart sensor has the capabilities to measure both the heart rate as well as the heart rate variability.

Also, the three smartwatches are subject to being crafted with the highest level of precision, class and comfort. There also happens to be a Bugatti rubber wrist strap or a titanium strap to choose from. Several personalization as well as customizations have also been made possible with each of the models.

The rather impressive-looking bezel is made of scratch-resistant ceramic. The cover is forged right in from lightweight titanium. Up to two weeks of use can be attained thanks to the 445mAh battery capacity which is there to be seen in the smartwatches. These smartwatches also include a hi-res 390 x 390 pixel LED touchscreen included of course within the sculpted sapphire glass housing.


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