Bugatti has been tight-lipped about the Chiron successor, ever since it was announced that the replacement hypercar would debut in 2024. Well, we have been told that private events were held over the last few months, but beyond that, there was no concrete information.

Today though, we can share an exciting update on the Bugatti Chiron successor. The images were captured during one of the private events.

The Unveiling: Spring 2024

The first image confirms that Bugatti’s next-gen hypercar will be unveiled in Spring 2024. The image features the Chiron, Chiron Super Sport, and the new model, dubbed “Next Big Thing.”

In the second image, you can see Mate Rimac, CEO of Bugatti Rimac, giving a presentation. Now, focus on the bottom left-hand corner of the image – yes, that’s the Chiron successor under a cover!

The Mystery of the Engine

There have been conflicting reports about the engine that will power the Chiron successor. While it certainly won’t be an 8.0-liter quad-turbo W16, some say the new hypercar will have a V8 hybrid. But as per our sources, that isn’t true.

Also, there have been talks of a crazier setup – a V16 hybrid with around 1900 hp. While still a rumor, that’s what we expect from a brand like Bugatti.

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As more private previews of the Chiron successor are held in the coming months, we hope to learn more about the new model. So, stay tuned!


In the world of hypercars, Bugatti’s Chiron successor has been one of the most highly anticipated releases. With its scheduled unveiling in Spring 2024, enthusiasts can’t wait to witness the next generation of hypercar excellence. While the specifics of the engine remain shrouded in mystery, the rumors of a V16 hybrid with staggering horsepower only add to the intrigue. Bugatti continues to push the boundaries of automotive engineering, and it’s safe to say that the successor to the Chiron is likely to leave the world in awe.


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