The newly launched Honor 8X is all about beautiful design and an amazing display and the device comes along with some creative and good features and hence can be considered a threat for the mid-range phones of the industry as it is luring loads of customers with its seemingly flagship design and although it’s a perfect combination between size and display, we think there are several more reasons which will make you buy the phone with certainly no regrets what so ever

Well the first factor will be as expected ‘ The Price’  with Honor creating such a value for the phone that one may think that they are paying less and getting more. Basically the value for money on this phone is great. You can purchase the phone at a cost-effective price of Rs 35,999 with the phone having the latest Kirin 710 chipset which you may have also seen in the Huawei Nova 3i. As of right now Honor 8X is probably the only mid-range phone to possess a processor of this capacity coming along with amazing and up to date specifications giving you a great value for money.

The second factor would definitely be the amazing Screen size. Being the successor of the previous Honor 7X the new model is so much better in so many different ways. The new phone supports and edge to edge display with a minimal chin and if we were to compare 7X and 8X then the Honor 7X packed a 7.9 inch display in 156.6 x 75.3 x 7.6mm dimensions while the new Honor 8X gives you a much larger display with a 6.5 inch display in almost the same frame with the dimensions being 160.4 x 76.6 x 7.8mm. Such a big screen in a small screen definitely catches one’s eye. This gives the new phone a 91% screen to body ratio. Furthermore you also get an amazing Full HD+ display a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels which is higher than the resolution of the new Iphone XR.

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The new Phone supports about half Terabyte of Storage, the new Honor 8X comes with a 128GB storage with 4GB Ram but supports 400GB micro-SD memory card slot for those who crave more and more memory so you can possibly go around places with an amazing half-terabyte of storage in your side pocket.

Another amazing factor surrounding the phone is its amazing GPU Turbo Technology which makes it a very capable phone in terms of Gaming and the Gaming experience that many users want. Mobile gaming is something which is evolving everyday and smartphone creators now lay a great emphasis on making a phone which can very well give you a great gaming experience by creating more gaming phones and supplying them in the market. The best example of such a phone would be the Huawei Mate 20X, and not so long ago Honor to launched such a phone with the release of the Honor Play the first gaming phone in the arsenal of Honor’s amazing phones but the thing about these mentioned phones is that they have a GPU turbo technology which ensures a 60% increase in gaming performance while a 30% decrease in battery consumption and luckily for Honor consumers the Honor 8X is also packed with this technology so you can expect an amazing overall gaming experience in such a price effective phone.

Finally Honor has installed a gigantic battery in the new phone as you may know a phone having a large screen requires a bigger battery or else the phone might shut down much sooner. In the case of Honor they did just that by issuing a 3750mAh battery which can last up to 2 days with light usage. Even if you are someone who spends most of his day gaming the battery will easily provide you with a full day of gaming. Furthermore even with such a large battery the overall design structure of the phone did not get thick or bulky but instead very sleek and handy. With a price of only Rs 35,999 this may well be a phone of your dreams which is easily fundable in comparison with other phones with the same profile.


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