KPK to have first ever Cadet Colleges for girls in history of Pakistan

KPK to have first ever Cadet Colleges for girls in history of Pakistan
KPK to have first ever Cadet Colleges for girls in history of Pakistan

KPK to have first ever Cadet Colleges for girls in history of Pakistan. We all know that Pakistan have many Cadet Colleges for the longest time, but they were for male students. All Cadet Colleges in country are run by the government of Pakistan.

The objective of these colleges is to prepare one of the youth of nation and brightest minds in the country for the military force or civil services.

However, this year we got a good news that Pakistan finally established its first ever Girls Cadet College in Mardan. This is an excellent initiative for the armed forces of Pakistan

The students who get education from cadet colleges and who want to join the military, after their graduation are given preference over other candidates. The reason is that, they have already got initial training through different cadet colleges.

Every year a number of boys from all across the country apply to study at these colleges.

Apart from benefits attached with such a profession, the main reason to join this profession is respect given by the society to these individuals who joins Pak Army to serve the nation.

 However, from now, there would be a separate facility for girls so they can have initial training to join the Pak Army or civil services. The great step taken government is also appreciated because girls have never had a special cadet college training them for the armed forces.

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Although, there are many girls who already joined armed forces this is certainly not the first time girls are joining the armed forces.

According to the report of 2015 issued by Credit Suisse approximately 700,000 active personnel in the army are women.

A senior official told the AFP that around 4000 women are now serving the armed forces.

We have the example of Ayesha Farooq. In 2013, she became the first female fighter pilot of Pakistan

Durkhanay Banuri who is a student at the cadet college, aims at becoming the military chief one day.

“I want to be the army chief. Why not? When a woman can be prime minister, foreign minister and governor of the State Bank, she can also be chief of the army staff. I will make it possible and you will see”, she told the AFP.

This is initiative is absolutely a game changer for Pakistan and the move will push girls to look at other career paths.

The principal, brigadier retired Javid Sarwar, said

“I want these girls to avail their brilliance and fight injustices in society, and this is possible if they get a standard education. Plans are to induct a second batch of 80 girls from all over Pakistan by March next year.”

Shama Javed, vice principal said in an interview with AFP

“It is a game changer in a region where conservative norms see many women keep some form of purdah — confined to women’s-only quarters at home — and could only dream of coming out of their houses in the past”.

On the other hand, Pakistanis are accepting and appreciating the step taken by government. As this move will create opportunities for girls so they can serve the nation alongside the men of the country.

Information About Cadet Colleges for Girls

 These colleges are run by the Army. The colleges are also known as the School Girls. They are trained to be part of the armed forces after passing their recruitment exams.

The recruitment process does take time and even years. In order to be prepared for their tours of duty, the cadets have to continue their education. In addition to this, they will be tested every six months to ensure that they are still fit enough for service. This is why the colleges for girls in Pakistan also require regular tests.

The exams consist of physical, mental and written examinations. They cover different subjects including science, mathematics and English. A physical exam will assess the ability of the cadets to fight with different conditions. They are required to run and climb stairs. They have to carry heavy objects. There is even a test that tests the abilities of the cadets to swim.

In addition to the standard courses, there are some institutions that offer specialty courses. The course offered by these colleges is known as the Combined Cadet Courses. This course can be of use to military personnel who may not be able to complete their regular course. Military parents send their children for these colleges in order to enable them to complete their service. Some of the subjects that they teach in this course include electronics and communications, plumbing and mechanics, photography and agriculture.

Most of the cadet colleges for girls accept candidates from only those families who are members of the armed forces. There are several reasons why this is done. Firstly, if there were to be a situation where one of the cadets is found flirting with an army officer, the Army will not be happy and may decide to discipline the family. Secondly, if the girl belongs to a lower strata of the society then she is not considered of value and is not likely to be recruited on a full time basis.

As far as the qualifications are concerned, to join cadet colleges you need to be at least eighteen years of age. You need to have a high school degree or even a diploma to enter some of these colleges. If your parents are homeowners, then you can get help from your parents in getting admission to one of these institutions. However, you need to bear in mind that many of these institutions only accept candidates who live in the same household as the candidate. It is quite possible that you will have to move in with your parents to achieve your goal.

Cadet colleges for women offer some courses that are more flexible than those that are offered to men. This is important if you are looking to become a pilot or an airline stewardess. These flexible options are normally shorter than the usual two-year courses. You can also learn more about photography and how to be a mechanic without having to change careers. However, keep in mind that this is only offered in the cadet colleges for girls.

Before enrolling in any of these colleges, make sure you do your research. Find out whether the college is recognized by the state. Check on the course catalogues and ensure that you understand what you will be studying. Some colleges may offer internship programs after completion of their course. This may be a chance for you to get a job immediately after graduating. Whatever the case, it is always better to be prepared when looking for the right college.



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