When we talk about the world’s top performing education systems, the names that usually come to mind are the Asian powerhouses such as South Korea and Singapore or the Nordic know-alls, such as Norway or Finland.

But now Canada has climbed into the top tier of international rankings.

Canada was one of a handful of countries to emerge in the top 10 for maths, science, and reading in the latest round of global Pisa tests.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), are a major study of educational growth which conducted the tests and demonstrate Canada’s teenagers as among the best educated in the world.

Canada has the world’s maximum proportion of working-age adults who have been through higher education with 55% compared with an average in OECD countries of 35%.

In the up to date, Pisa results for science, the variant in scores in Canada sourced by socioeconomic differences were 9%, in comparison to 17% in Singapore and 20% France.

The fair outcome goes extensive way to discussing why Canada is doing great in international tests. It does not have a conclusion of underachievement, frequently related to poverty.

It is an outstandingly steady structure. As well as the slight distinction between rich and poor students, there is an extremely little discrepancy in results between schools, compared with the standard for developed countries.

Prof Jerrim says, high levels of immigration are seen as a possible drag on results, in Canada’s case, this is probably to be an element of its victory tale.

Immigrants coming to Canada, most of them from countries like China, India, and Pakistan, are often comparatively well-educated and determined to see their children get into specialized and qualified careers.

Prof Jerrim added, these families have an immigrant “hunger” to succeed, and their elevated expectations are expected to improve school results for their children.

No doubt about the fact it has been a plentiful year for education in Canada.

The universities are picking the benefits of the Trump upshot, with record levels of applications from foreign students considering Canada as a North American substitute to the United States.


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