Apple has done something that it hasn’t ever done before. Apple has now revived the iPhone 6 with a 32-GB flash memory disk, also something which we have never seen before. Carriers across the globe from Asia to Europe to the iPhone-only Virgin Mobile USA have picked it up for a run and now the Great White North sees it on the run-up.

According to various sources, including ones from MobileSyrup, the iPhone 6, which will be in space gray color, will make its way to Canada’s carriers from the 5th of July, for about 485 Canadian dollars, which amounts to about 365 US dollars. So, this price of USD 365 is just above the average and typical selling price.

At this moment, there is no news whether or not Apple will sell the phone directly to the consumers, especially through the route of retail locations, but since it is true that the company has been very quiet regarding the phone on its sales worldwide, it seems the third parties are pretty much in control.


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