Canadian universities seem to be Trump’s biggest fans

Canadian universities seem to be Trump's biggest fans

Canadian universities now seem to be a top destination from students all over from the world, and this image of Canada being a sustainable place to study has only been enhanced due to the events that have been recently taking place over in the USA. Students that once might have considered the States as an extremely feasible option to study in might now have had a change in heart due to the recent events that have been taking place in the States.

The idea of studying in Canada is growing rapidly, proven by the fact that the University of Toronto, one of Canada’s best universities has seen a 57 percent rise in applications coming over from India. This has also led to more and more acceptances – with the rate increasing by almost 20 percent. Wilfrid Laurier University says it has had a 32% increase in overseas students and McMaster University has seen an annual rise of 33%.

International students are valuable commodity to have, as a study last week suggested that students from overseas contribute over 36 Billion dollars to the US economy.

So, what may be the reason that the idea of studying in Canada is looking to be more and more attractive? Well, for one, there is much more tolerance for foreigners, something which might not always be true in the case of the US.  There are more than 350,000 overseas students already in Canada, with research from the Canadian Bureau for International Education suggesting that the image of a “tolerant and non-discriminatory society” is a major attraction.

Canada basically provides a more ‘open and attractive society’, as stated by a spokesperson from the University of Montreal.

Another reason why Canada might be considered a very good option is because of the fact that Montreal is considered to be one of the best student cities in the world. This year saw Montreal getting top place in the QS Best Student Cities rankings, replacing Paris which had been in first place for the four previous years. Among the measures were Montreal’s access to employers, safety, pollution, desirability for student life and sense of tolerance.

Another reason why Canada might be considered is because it might turn out to be a cheaper option when compared with the US, and this is why even many students move from the US to Canada in an attempt to save on some bucks.

But don’t let all this talk take away the fact that America still remains a huge student magnet from all across the world. An idea can be taken from the fact that the number of overseas students rose to more than a million students last year, with almost 330,000 coming from China alone!


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