Car Engines Being Stolen In Lahore

Car Engines Being Stolen In Lahore

In a new media report, it has been uncovered that a pack of cheats in the Lahore Factory Area has gone from taking unremarkable family unit things to taking costly ‘automated motors’ from new vehicles. 

The report proposes that various episodes of a comparative sort have been accounted for in the Madinah Colony, arranged in the Factory Area Lahore. 

The report further adds that the motors of 4 new vehicles left in the roads of the state were discovered missing over the course of the end of the week. The estimation of every motor is supposed to be between Rs. 200,000 and Rs. 250,000. 

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The Factory Area police headquarters, in the wake of being educated about the burglary, has recorded a case to capture the gathering of hoodlums associated with the movement. 

It bears referencing that, among these burglaries, there has been no report of a motor having been taken from an old vehicle. The cheats are exclusively after the motors of the new vehicles since they convey significantly more incentive than the old motors and are a lot harder to discover on the lookout, which is a tremendous purpose of worry for the occupants of the region.


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