Careem achieved the millstone of “operating in 100 cities”

Careem, the ride-hailing service has achieved another milestone. Now, the leading ride-hailing company Careem is operating in 100 cities around the globe.

On its Facebook Page Careem wrote,

“We’re now in 100 Cities in our region! That’s 14 countries, over 800 thousand Captains serving more than 25 million Customers. It wasn’t easy. Nothing that matters ever is. We love every inch of every new bridge and every pothole of every city.”

“We know you do too. If your beautiful city is part of Careem100Cities, comment and tell us! The question now is, where next? #ChaloletsGO”

On the other hand, celebrating its achievement of expanding the operations in 100 cities, Careem has emailed all their customers as well. It states,

“Together, we started this journey with small steps. Together, we’ve shared some great moments. Together, our small steps have reached a new milestone. Together, we’ve made it to a hundred cities! The short trips and the long ones, every ride, every city, have all contributed to this milestone. Our journey has just begun. The question now is, where next? Chalo, let’s celebrate #Careem100Cities starting with your city.


Careem Team Pakistan”

There are many factors which helped Careem to reach at this level. However, there is no doubt that Careem advertising & marketing is remarkable which certainly played an important role to achieve this target.

Careem is sharing this achievement with their all valuable customers. By emailing each and every customer they are signifying that how much “You” are important to them.

Despite the fact that Careem started its operations in 2016 in Pakistan, the company has gained fame, customer’s trust, and recognition in just a couple of years.

On the other hand, company is always ready to bring something new to plate, from air service to women captain initiative each time it has something different and unique to offer. Moreover, according to many users, the customer service of Careem is efficient as they respond to queries and complaints immediately.

On this tremendous achievement, Careem also asked its users that “our journey has just begun. The question now is, where next? “.
#Careem100Cities starting with your city