Being an internet user means, always ready for a cyber attack. I’m not exaggerating but anytime anything could happen to you. Recently one of the famous Ride-hailing services, Careem, has suffered from a massive data breach which affected 14 Million Customers.

The recent data breach has affected the users of Careem in the Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan, and Turkey.

Most of us get the benefit of this ride-hailing service and now people are suddenly got panicked as the company warned users that their personal data had been compromised in a huge cyber-security breach.

According to the company, hackers have stolen the personal information such as customers’ names, email addresses, phone numbers and trip history data.

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On the other hand, “there is no evidence that your password or credit card number has been compromised”. If it happens there will a huge mess on the way to hit users even harder than hiving personal details.

Well, Careem assured its users that “Customers’ credit card information is kept on an external third-party PCP-compliant server”. And it sounds satisfying.

Moreover, the company claimed, the breach affects all customers and captains who signed up for the ride-hailing service before January 14, 2018. It also mentioned that the users who signed up with the service after that date have not been affected.

In order to fix the issue, companies took some serious step immediately. According to Careem’s statement,

“As soon as we detected the breach, we launched a thorough investigation and engaged leading cybersecurity experts to assist us in strengthening our security systems. We are also working with law enforcement agencies.”

“Throughout the incident, our priority has been to protect the data and privacy of our customers and captains. Since discovering the issue, we have worked to understand what happened, who was affected, and what we needed to do to strengthen our network defenses,” it added.

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What Careem users need to do quickly?

On the other side, as the cyber attack on Careem has affected its customers, now Careem has asked its customers to change their passwords as soon as possible.

In addition, the company also advised to take out important information like credit card information from their accounts.

So, if you’re a Careem user then the very first thing you need to do is to change your password. Your password should be strong and try to use a good mix of characters. Avoid clicking on any link in your email which seems unfamiliar. Avoid downloading attachments from an unfamiliar source.

Don’t share your personal information with a source or link which refer to any web page. Furthermore, do regular checks on your bank account and credit card statements for any doubtful activity. If you notice anything unexpected, call your bank immediately.

In a message to customers, Careem said,

“It is our responsibility to be open and honest with you and to reaffirm our commitment to protecting your privacy and data. We also want to share with you the actions we are taking to address the issue and to prevent it from happening in the future.”



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