Bloomberg released their Bloomberg 50 list for the year 2018, with the purpose of listing the top individuals of the global business in 2018 and while many similar faces can be seen on the list from 2017, most of the released names are relatively new. One such name in the list is that of the Careem’s cofounder and the only person from Pakistan to make it on that list, MudassirSheikha. Now with the likes of MukeshAmbani who is the Asia’s riches man, Amazon CEO Jeff Bozos and the Canadian foreign minister ChrystiaFreeland, among them is one proud Pakistani, who comes from the city of Karachi, Sheikha has made Pakistan proud.

Now MudassirSheikha, who is the CEO and cofounder of Careem, the somewhat taxi oriented company, has been included in the category of technology and science in the Bloomberg50 listing. He has raised upwards of $200 million in just October in order for his company to grow on a much higher level.

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The Bloomberg listing wrote on Sheikha, that the six year old company now has over 1 million acting driver personnel in the Middle East and Northern Africa, allowing customers to book themselves bikes,, golf carts rickshaws and even boats in some countries in addition to the conventional mode of transport, the car vehicle. Moreover Sheikha is also using his clout to support the One Million Arab Coders, which is an initiative set to offer online courses in the website and the mobile interface development, and he further puts on a hackathon in Ramallah and an artificial intelligence oriented summer camp in the UAE.

Finally the most notable thing about the listing is that we get to have a look on People’s accomplishments all over the world in the worth fields of Business, entertainment, politics, technology and science and even finance, the accomplishments that took place in the year 2018.


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