The Ride hailing service Careem has launched Motorbike Service

The Ride hailing service Careem has launched Motorbike Service

The ride-hailing service Careem has now added a motorbike service which will enable its users to travel in the cheapest possible manner.

Careem has been gaining in popularity by offering cheap and high-quality transportation services but Careem Captains and customers both have always had trouble navigating the narrow streets of Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Karachi. Even though the ride-hailing service is flexible, crowded areas of these cities left room for improvement. Including motorbikes will offer those users with an option to navigate through such areas quickly.

Bykea, one of the first motorbike hailing services, could be used for fast and cheap transport for people and parcels but it didn’t gain as much popularity as Careem.

Careem has been expanding its operations lately to make the service more reachable and cheaper than other means of transportation – such as their introduction of a Rickshaw hailing option. Now Careem motorbikes will provide an even cheaper and efficient transportation method which is expected to be widely used thanks to Careem’s well-recognized brand name.

The motorbike service seems to still in the rollout phase and, at the time of writing, is only available in Karachi and Islamabad/Rawalpindi.

Here’s how much the bike service will cost:

Starting cost: Rs 25

Moving: Rs 4 per km

Waiting: Rs 250 per hour

Minimum: Rs 50

Airport Pickup Surcharge: Rs 100

Here are some common routes in Rawalpindi/Islamabad and their estimated cost using the bike service;

6th Road – Lake View Park: Rs 73-83

Qasim Market, Sadar – Commercial Market: Rs 50-68

Blue Area – PWD: Rs 111-127



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