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Careem Launches Careem Bus To Rival Airlift And Swvl

Airlift and Swvl have been taking Pakistan by storm lately. In the cities that they have been operating they have come across as an ideal careem, uber alternative which provide ride hailing, although ride sharing is also offered. The primary focus for these two remain the private ride hailing part. However, Airlift and Swvl, launching around the same time, have now provided people with an even cheaper option to use. These services have allocated routes on which it picks and drops passengers in premium vans. This is ideal for Pakistanis who are shy of using our public transport and want something cheap and comfortable to get them places.

However, Careem seems to be coming on board with this idea as well. With the introduction of Careem Bus, now people have the chance to use Careem as an Airlift and Swvl rival. Currently, operating ten routes only in Karachi starting at 10AM, for now. Careem is offering its bus service for Rs1 as an introductory promotion! Previously, Careem has been using eight seaters in their GO MINI category which means, they have now been asked to use Careem Bus instead.

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Pakistan becomes the 4th country to get the Careem Bus, after Egypt Saudi Arabia. Jordan was also part of the service but later had to shut it down soon.

This Dubai based company was recently acquired by Uber to expand their services to the Middle East and the Sub-continent and this may well be a masterful move as to how influential these ride hailing services have been. They have greatly impacted the public transport and continue to increase their impact in Pakistan. 


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